+A 45 minute 4-5 look session

+3 Retouched photos



+A two-hour unlimited looks session

*on average, this results in 8-9 looks

+6 Retouched photos



+A two-hour unlimited looks session

*on average, this results in 6-8 looks

+6 Retouched photos each

+ COVID-19

We take the health and safety of our clients very seriously. Therefore, we are following all CDC regulations to keep our studio and clients healthy. Headshots with Leah will be a 1-to-1 interaction taking place outside in her natural light setup, she will remain within 6 feet of you and will be wearing a mask and gloves the entire time. We disinfect before and after every single client. Leah gets tested regularly to ensure she's working in top health. Hand sanitizer, disposable wipes and a hand-washing station will be readily available for you to use as needed. We do ask that if you are not feeling well or are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please rest and reschedule to ensure the safety of everyone, we will do the same.

As of 4/9/21, we are fully vaccinated for your safety!


A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to complete your scheduled appointment. You will receive a PayPal invoice within 10 minutes of booking your session. If you fail to pay your deposit within 48 hours, your spot will not be secured and will be offered to other potential clients. The reminder of the session fee is due the day of the shoot.

We are currently booking sessions two to three months in advance. The only option to get in sooner is to be put on the waitlist in case of cancellations or weekend shoots opening up.


*All natural light shoots take place from 11-2pm in the fall/winter & 12-3pm in the spring/summer due to where the sun is located.

We understand that things happen but Huebner Headshots is a 7-day a week operation which makes rescheduling pretty difficult, so we suggest you try to stick to your scheduled shoot. Please note that if you absolutely must reschedule,  it may take longer to get back on the books. (Right now is an extremely busy time so we’re trying to make the best effort to provide a shoot for all clients.)

The one downside of shooting with natural light is weather. Unfortunately we can’t control Mother Nature—although we wish we could. We try to keep one day open a week for weather disturbances but again, since it’s a busy time, it may take a week or two to get back on the schedule. We do hope you understand.


Cancellations made 3-7 Business days before your shoot: Your deposit may only be transferred to a new shoot day.
Cancellations made under 3 business days before your scheduled appointment time: Your deposit will be forfeited.

A new deposit is required to re-book.

*The only exception for a refund is if Huebner Headshots needs to reschedule. We reserve the right to refuse to work with anyone who does not respect our time and efforts to serve all of our clients fairly.*


If a client cancels (or when our schedule allows us to add a new appointment) we send out an email notice to all waitlisted clients and the first to respond, gets the date.


As many headshot photographers, we shoot with natural light so the weather really affects the photos. We want your pictures to look the very best and for you to be more than satisfied with your session. We will keep our eye on the forecast as time gets closer to your shoot and address accordingly.


The full session fee includes 6 high resolution edits. Please note that we do very little retouching--we believe you are beautiful as your are--therefore, we will remove blemishes but will not remove your laugh lines/crows feet/etc. If you want anything more than that removed, you are more than welcome to take your high res files to a different editor.


We suggest you discuss with your agent/manager to know the looks you need prior to coming. It's best to come as organized as possible so we spend less time picking outfits and more time shooting.


*We no longer offer makeup artists for our sessions, if you are in need of a makeup artist for your shoot, we can give you a list of recommendations, however, you will have to coordinate scheduling them on your own. We no longer have the space or time to accommodate makeup application prior to your session.

If you do decide to hire a MUA, please meet prior to your shoot and have your first look makeup done. You are welcome to bring the MUA along to freshen you up during the shoot but we've found it's best to start shooting shortly after you arrive.



We're located in Silverlake. We'll provide the exact address and parking instructions once you're on the schedule.


*IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE EYES, PLEASE READ!* We shoot outside with white reflectors that bounce off the sun. SO! It's not as bright as looking directly into the sun but it's pretty dang close! I highly suggest a week or two prior to your shoot, try to refrain from wearing sunglasses outside to help train your eyes to help with light sensitivity! We want you focused on what you character types/looks you need to accomplish while your here and not frustrated with your sensitive eyes. Please reach out if you have any questions in regards to this!


We donated $25 from every shoot in the month of June and July to the Black Lives Matter global organization. Going forward, we will continue to donate monthly to organizations that uplift the BIPOC, AAPI and LGBTQIA+ community. Our studio's mission is to create a safe space for all therefore, we do not tolerate racism or hate here.

*We were able to raise $2075 in donations for the month of June and July, thank you to all of our clients for supporting racial equality. <3